Variety kinds of events are held throughout the year in Ichinomiya for traditions, families, sports, celebrations etc.

Japanese festival

Kazusa twelve shrines festival

On September 13, portable shrines go to the holy beach “Tsurigasaki” to meet relatives of the gods. This festival was started in 807 and has over 1200-year history.
On this day the whole town is in a festival mode and the most crowded day of the year.



Fireworks are the symbol of summer, in Ichinomiya 5000 of fireworks are displayed on the first Saturday of August every year. There are characteristic fireworks which are displayed in the sea instead of sky. They are really unusual and moving.

Seaside farmer's market

The market is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn at the seaside park.
At the market, variety kinds of shops such as handmade accessories, clothes, flowers, vegetables, sweets, foods and so on are opened.
In addition, you can enjoy stage performances and communications with local people.