Variety kind of foods are available in Ichinomiya!
Seafood, seasonal fruits, Japanese sweets, regional traditional rolled sushi, sake...


Ichinomiya is the treasure box of delicious seafood and they are so fresh but reasonable.
Clams and Japanese lobsters are highly recommended. Enjoy with sashimi dish or BBQ!!  

Fruits and vegetables

Many kinds of fruits and vegetables are cultivated such as tomatoes, melons, pears and strawberries in Ichinomiya. You can enjoy seasonal taste and the fruits picking is available at some farms.

Japanese sweets

There are several Japanese sweets shops in Ichinomiya. Each shops have original sweets such as a strawberry “daifuku” the Japanese confection made from rice cake, a tomato pie, a Japanese waffle with seaweed bean-jam.

Rolled sushi

The rolled sushi is one of a traditional local food around this area. They are usually eaten at the ceremonial occasions or festivals. You can enjoy variety kind of design such as flowers, animals, characters etc.

Japanese sake

There is a Japanese sake brewery in Ichinomiya called “Inahana”. It was established in Edo era and have made sake with traditional method. Japanese sake and fresh seafood is the best combination for the dining.