Ichinomiya is a very compact town but there are variety kind of places to see such as historical spot, festival spot, literary spot, nature spot and so on.

Tamasaki shrine

Tamasaki shrine is worshipping “Tamayori hime” the god of ocean and has a long history. It was highly regarded and was listed on the archives formulated in the Heian period however it is unknown when the shrine was opened.
According to the record the current building of the shrine was constructed in 1687 and designated as a tangible cultural asset by Chiba prefecture.
The highlight of this shrine is the annual matsuri festival on September 13 which has been hold for over 1200 years.


Tsurigasaki is the place of the Kazusa twelve shrines festival so really holy beach. This festival was started in 807 and has over 1200-year history. On September 13, portable shrines come here from several shrines which are relatives of “Tamayori-hime” the god of Tamasaki shrine.
Tsurigasaki is also known as the place of surfing. Some international competitions are held and it is planned to be the place of the Olympic games in 2020.

Akutagawa house

Akutagawa house

Ryunosuke Akutagawa was a Japanese writer in Taisyo period and really famous now days.
Akutagawa house is located on the river side of Ichinomiya river near the beach and he stayed here in 1914 and 1916.
During the staying, he wrote a long love letter to his girlfriend “Fumi” and they got married later.


Satoyama means a village forest or rice filed area in Japanese. Ichinomiya has not only the ocean but also satoyama. There are many rice fields surrounded by forests and it is the symbol of the rural Japan.