To be a Samurai!!

Japanese Fencing, Kendo experience

Kendo is a traditional martial art to be a samurai and learn the matter of courtesy.
You would enjoy this experience which shows you a part of Japanese history.

JPY15,000 per person

  • Departs:  Visit Ichinomiya Tourist station
  • Duration:  approx. 3 hours.
  • Req. per Booking:  1 - 10 guests
  • Req. to Run Tour:  3 guests
  • Age Restrictions:  From 6 years
  • Guide Service:  Translation(English)
  • Language:  English
  • Included:  Guideline from the master, Bamboo swords(Shinai) and Uniforms Rental, Japanese towel, Drink, English guide


Meeting place: SUZUMINE (5 min walk from JR Kazusa Ichinomiya st.)


Arrival at the venue and preparation


Kendo experience

During the experience, You can 

Experience how to wear the uniform of Kendo
Get to learn how to swing the sword
See the demonstration and do Practice match


Tour ends at SUZUMINE
Accommodations are available to arranged.